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Trish Stratus Porn Pictures

Trish Stratus will always be remembered as this beautiful and deadly female wrestler who dominated the women’s division of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) for several years making her the Ultimate Diva of the Decade. She is one no-nonsense female wrestler who will make you fall for her charm and beauty inside the ring but once you let your guard down, she can get really wild and relentless until she takes you down and finishes off with her deadly signature move called the “StratusFear”! Sadly, Trish decided to hang her boots and belts and retire from wrestling back in 2006 and now she’s residing in Canada doing television and charity work. She will always be the ultimate sex goddess of WWE and she still is reigning supreme in all of her naked glory taking down cocks and slamming them inside her love holes only at Trish Stratus Porn Pictures.

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Trish Stratus Beats Paris Hilton (Sort Of)

Trish Stratus is on top again! Nope, our favorite Canadian wrestler babe isn’t in the WWE rankings for Women’s Championship challengers, she’s still retired unfortunately. What she did top was the search engine rankings for Lycos ending on the week of March 29, 2008. It’s her highest ranking ever, and what we should be happy about is that she beats Paris Hilton, who is down at No.5. Oh, to have a web search Top 10 without seeing that useless celebutante’s name would be bliss, and it’s nice to see a hardworking gal like Trish catch surfers’ attentions instead, because of her upcoming TV show “Stratusphere”, which is supposed to air this August on the Travel Channel.


New Trish Stratus TV Show In Production

For everyone who’s been missing our buff Canadian cutie on the small screen, or any screen for that matter, you’ll only have to wait a few more months before you can enjoy more Stratusfaction once more.

Trish Stratus is currently filming a new travel show called “Stratusphere”, which is going to air on the Travel Channel. The former WWE Superstar will be travelling the world and exploring other countries and cultures in her own unique style, taking on appropriate challenges like racing reindeer in Norway.

The idea for the show came during her time working on “The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend”, when she was chatting with a producer backstage. “We thought it would be a great idea to go to these exotic locations and do an activity, something that’s relevant to their cultures, but I would have to overcome a challenge,” she added.

The series is set to air this August, so there’s still time to get ready by watching those WWE Divas DVDs you’ve got, to remember why you’ve been lusting after Trish for so long!


Trish Stratus To Host Improv Search On Canadian TV

The Second City is a long-running comedy improve group out of Chicago’s Old Town neighbourhood. So what’re they doing on Canadian TV? Ah, who cares, as long as they have Trish Stratus on it! Yup, WWE’s Babe of the Year from 2001-2003 will be hosting “The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend”, a reality show which will be airing on Canada’s CBS. The auditions were held during March of this year, and the series will begin airing this July 10.

The show will have elements of American Idol, with the contestants strutting their stuff for the judges and a chance to win a spot on the Second City National Touring Company, a comedy theater company where several famous performers began their careers.

Previous winners of the competition include Eugene Levy (the dad from the American Pie movies), Chris Farley (Saturday Night Live, Tommy Boy), Mike Myers (Austin Powers, Shrek), and Steve Carrell (40 Year Old Virgin, The Office). Now that’s a line-up absolutely worth emulating.

The series will run for eight episodes, and the judges will be Joe Flaherty, Mick Napier, Elvira Kurt and Dave Thomas. But of course it’s Trish we’ll be waiting for. Forget Jay Mohr, we want our host to be hot!